12 Jun

Men and Microblading

Although women are the most common clients, microblading is becoming a popular trend amongst men. Microblading on men is usually done with subtle effects, while creating a fuller brow, or better shaped brows. For men who want more fullness in their eyebrows, or patches filled or touched up, microblading is a great option. Some men […]


16 May

Eyebrow Designs for Oval Faces

When it comes to looking good, you can spend hours making yourself look amazing by adding makeup, hair styling, amazing clothing and more, however if you don’t have a pair of great eyebrows all your hard work will have gone to waste. The truth is, that without great eyebrows, your whole look can be ruined. […]


26 Apr

Micro-Needling Benefits – What Are They?

If you have been searching for a solution for wrinkles and fine lines, or if you are wanting to recover the look of scars, increase your collagen, or boost hair growth, micro-needling is a rapid and practically pain-free procedure that will give you smooth, firm and youthful looking skin in a short amount of time. What is Micro-needling? […]


16 Apr

NY Post – The dark side of microblading

Originally posted @ NY Post By Beth Landman April 14, 2018 “Ensure that the artist has reviews and referrals, and make sure he or she is CPCP [Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional] certified,” says Kendra Bray, owner of Nolita salon Better Brows and Beauty. Read the entire article here:


11 Apr

Eyelash Enhancement vs. Permanent Eyeliner

There are many eyeliner techniques available on the cosmetic procedure market today, but most of us simply don’t know about them. Many people in 2018 are looking to procedures to enhance facial features and two of the biggest procedure trends of this year that both celebrities and regular folk are using to are Permanent Eyeliner […]


11 Apr

Bustle – Permanent Makeup Is Back — And It Looks Nothing Like It Did 20 Years Ago

Originally posted @ Bustle By OLIVIA MUENTER April 10, 2018 When it comes to understanding the semi-permanent and permanent makeup of today, and exactly what it is, it’s important to look at its actual definition, Kendra Bray of Better Brows & Beauty tells Bustle. “Permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, [and] micropigmentation are all […]


27 Mar

What Is Microblading?

You’ve heard a lot about it, but you’re not quite sure what it is yet. If you were to ask most women how they would feel about having their face tattooed there’s a good chance you’ll be called crazy. Yet, those same women would be quick to tell you how much they would love picture […]


20 Mar

Brit – This Low-Key lash line enhancement Service Is Made for No-Makeup Makeup

Originally posted @ Brit By Beth Wischnia Mar 19, 2018 Low-key beauty babes can now be part of the lush lash trend without the fuss of dramatic extensions. The micro-pigmentation eyelash line enhancement is a subtle way to define your eye without the bold look or maintenance associated with a full set of extensions. […]


15 Mar

Permanent vs. Semi-Permanent Makeup: What to Know Before Choosing Either

Originally posted @ Byrdie ––5a959955324f6 By Maya Allen February 28, 2018 ARE YOU AN INSIDER? We don’t keep our beauty secrets. The world of makeup is a fascinating one. Especially considering the fact that makeup has been used as a symbol of expression for centuries. The first archeological evidence of permanent makeup dates back […]


9 Mar

Elite Daily – I Tried Microblading, And My Brows Look Better Than Ever

Originally posted @ Elite Daily – By Becca Van Sambeck Apr 17 2017 Think back to the first time you waxed your eyebrows, or the first time you filled them in with a pencil. It was life-changing, right? Those two random strips of hair above your eyes actually had the power to totally transform […]