One of the biggest fashionable wants of all time is fantastic eyelashes, and over the years there have been many ways to create better eyelashes, or at least their appearance anyway. Nothing accentuates your eyes better than long lush eyelashes, and with modern technology, you can bat those luscious babies at anyone you desire with pride.

From mascara to eyelash enhancing cosmetic tattoos, there are many ways you can make your eyelashes look bigger, longer, thicker and better. One of the most recent discoveries is eyelash enhancing serum. They are products that enhance your eyelashes, however, the newest technology claims to not only make them look better but grow thicker and bigger.

Although different from eyelash implants or extensions that comprise of taking synthetic or natural hairs and implanting them onto your current lashes, enhancers claim to take your natural eyelashes to the next level.

What They Claim to Do

Eyelash enhancers are available in both over the counter and prescription options. They are available in creams and gels, or a serum. These products are supplied in small tubes and are usually applied to the eyelashes a couple of times each day, creating longer, fuller lashes. These products have components like Pro-vitamin B5 which keep the eyelashes healthy.

How do they claim to work?

Eyelash enhancers work in one of two ways.

  1.  They make the eyelash follicle growth phase last longer
  2.  They strengthen the hair follicle to prevent it from falling out or prematurely breaking

The main thing to understand is that these products either enhance the growth or make the hair stay in place for longer. It’s taken years of research to try and make eyelashes last longer and look better; however, there are very few of these products that have been proven to work effectively. These products are quite expensive, so you need to know that they will work, so trusted brands should be researched, and prescribed by your physician.

Over the counter, products are far less likely to work than prescription versions, and if you buy online, you need to be very wary of the expiration dates. If you are considering buying products from other countries via online shopping, you may want to reconsider. There are many issues with buying products online, like being past the expiration date, and many include ingredients that are not safe. Always buy the products your GP or beauty therapist recommends to avoid nasty side-effects.

Side Effects

Most of these products will contain a range of nutrients, hormones, and other ingredients, (mostly chemicals)and can cause some not so luscious side effects. Some of the side-effects can include permanent eye color change, eyelid pigmentation, lowered eye pressure, and unwanted hair growth in places it isn’t meant to grow.

The best way to avoid side effects is to have your lash enhancing treatments performed by a professional. Many beauty therapists have the skills, technology, and products to help you achieve the best lashes you can imagine.
If you are looking to enhance your eyelashes, do a lot of research before buying products, and consult with your GP before buying anything. Your eyes are sensitive and need to last you a long time.